Losing Belly Fat with a Treadmill


Belly fat as compared to the fats in other body parts is the toughest one to get rid of. It is nothing but the abdominal obesity which should be reduced in a right way to stay healthy. Dealing with belly fat can be quite difficult, especially if you live a sedentary lifestyle. The best way to eliminate this belly fat problem is by performing a regular workout along with a healthy diet. Losing belly fat with a treadmill, swimming, biking and other cardio have been proved effective for both men and women.

What is Belly Fat and Its Causes?

It is extremely important to know what is belly fat and its causes and problems associated with it, so that you can stay motivated towards achieving your ideal target. Belly fat also known as visceral fat is life threatening if timely actions are not taken. There are many common causes for this type of fat such as excess alcoholism, smoking, menopause problem, unhealthy eating, hormonal changes, lack of physical activity, genetic disorder, and many more. There are many controllable measures that you can follow to avoid these causes from getting severe. Failing to take action in the right way can lead to many health issues. People having a belly fat problem so far have been diagnosed with different health issues that include, Type 2 diabetes, changing cholesterol level, High BP, cancer, sleep apnea, respiratory disorder, liver problem, and kidney problem.

The belly is known to be one of the toughest areas to loose weight from. One can loose belly fat with the help of a treadmill and being focussed on ones exercises. While using a treadmill you can alternate your exercise routine and bring in variety.

Losing belly fat

One can only loose belly fat when one combines cardiovascular exercises. You can reduce the fat on your belly region with the use of large muscle groups such as power walking, jogging and running. While working out on a treadmill, your heart rate should be working within 70 to 85 percent of its maximum. It is advisable to keep a check on your heart rate throughout your workout.

Losing belly fat with a treadmill

While working out a treadmill, one must keep the speed of the treadmill in mind always. Treadmills are built with a variety of speed settings. The speed of the treadmill must be set according to the length of your legs.

You should pick up speed gradually, so that you don't strain your muscles. It is advisable to experiment with the treadmill first, so that you would know when you can pick up your pace. Your aim should be to pick up pace from a quick walk to a leisurely jog and thereafter from a jog to a full run. Your workout on a treadmill would turn out much more efficient when you are aware of your MPH.

Tips on losing belly fat with a treadmill

You should always begin your workout with a warm up walk at an easy pace. With gradually increasing your exercise time duration, you can increase your endurance and get more out from your workout.

While workout out on the treadmill you can alternate between brisk walking, jogging and running. Working out on a treadmill would turn out be interesting only when you bring in variation.

You can also bring in variation to working out on a treadmill by experimenting with the machines incline function. The incline function on the treadmill also aids in building up the strength in the muscles which are situated around the hip area. Strength building mainly takes place due to the uphill climb on the treadmill. Endurance can only be enhanced with regular time devotion and patience.

One should always keep in mind that while exercising, if at any time you feel ill you must stop your workout. If at any time you end up injuring yourself, you must give your body time to recover.

Apart from losing belly fat with the use of a treadmill, you must also stay from trans fat; trans fat contributes to developing belly fat and also increases the risk of heart diseases. Avoid food items such as cookies, margarine and crackers. Keep a check on your food intake.

Now that you have understood how losing belly fat with a treadmill can help you out, you must also keep in mind that performing any type of exercise with dedication is extremely important to ensure that you don't face problem in future. Getting a flat tummy is not an easy job. However, it is not impossible. If you perform the advised things in a right way, then certainly you will enjoy different health benefits. Other than using a treadmill, you can also opt for some quick ways like herbal supplements, green tea, herbal medicine which are completely natural and can help your body to enhance the performance during workout. If you are not sure about which supplement to take, then consult a doctor. Other than a treadmill, performing other cardio workouts at least 5 days a w eek can certainly help you. Ensure than you perform any exercises that can help you lose your tummy on a regular basis to achieve maximum success and enjoy every part of losing the belly fat.

Always remember that you end your workout with an at least two minute cool down exercise at a leisurely pace. Once you ensure that you keep your heart rate within its target, you are losing belly fat.

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