Lose Belly Fat by Drinking Water

Losing Belly Fat By Drinking Water

Most of us try to lose that extra load of fat tissue deposits in the belly region and find that it is indeed difficult to get rid of it. Dermal lotions, slimming machines, belts, and tummy tucks, are what we get in a slimming clinic but we still go in garment store and say... "I need a plus size"

But hey! You can get rid of this 'bad belly bulk', the most easy and truly economical way, by drinking nature's purest gift, water. Yes, you have it just there; water is not just natural refresher but also a very healthy way of reducing fat.

Belly fat is one common problem which most of the people these days are facing. There is no exact cause of this problem. Unhealthy diet and lack of physical activity, however participates in increasing this problem. To deal with belly fat is difficult. Skipping meals or completely changing your diet will somehow affect your body. To make sure that you lose belly fat without harming your body, go for natural ways that can help you to tackle this problem. To lose belly fat by drinking water is one such common source which is advised by almost every dietician.

Drinking water is an important factor along with eating healthy food. This will not harm your body anyhow; instead you will notice a great change in your body. In this article, you will find how drinking water improves your health and why it is said to be more effective in losing belly fat.

It is a fact that human body needs maximum percentage of water to survive. For men, it is 60% and for women its 55%. The difference is because women have more body fat compared to men and fat tissue contains only 14% of water while lean muscle has 75% of water. Thus, there is a correlation between the water quantity in the body and your weight.

Amazed and baffled? This is not a joke. Recent researches and studies in the leading health centers and universities have shown the miraculous power of water in helping us reduce our body fat. Let us look at how drinking water helps reducing the belly fat:

  1. Water keeps the body well hydrated, thus prevents our body from the unhealthy, artificially sweetened drinks and juices.
  2. Water helps the body in removal of toxic substances. In turn not letting any fat store around the belly under the skin.
  3. Water regulates our metabolism and boosts our energy. Hence, the body actively burns the fat faster.
  4. Water aids in digestion process, assisting the digestion of greasy and oily food. This prevents the middle bulge being built overnight!
  5. According to some studies, thirst and hunger are the signals which are transmitted together, making a fact clear, that even if one is thirsty, he'll end up binging on food, and this will end up over eating and putting more weight. Hence, water can quench the thirst and make you feel less hungry.
  6. Water is one of the best ways to fill up our food bag. Drinking two- three glasses of water before a meal, makes us eat less, as water makes us feel full, which triggers our satiety centers in the brain to stop us from over eating.
  7. And, even. Many don't like having just plain water; we can add a lemon to it. Or may be warm water and drinking it empty stomach in the morning will flush away toxins, ease constipation and make our stomach look a lot leaner.

Now, that we know the magic of nature's truly best reserve - Water; let us not spend our hard earned money on weight loss programs and instead drink a lot of water and be fit, healthy, and slim. Losing belly fat by drinking water can be a good start!

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