How to Hide Belly Fat

Losing belly fat is not an easy task. There are various things that are to be done to lose weight. A well balanced low calorie diet and proper exercise are necessary for losing weight. These two things play a major role in getting your body in proper shape. Several people are quite uncomfortable to carry the extra belly fat. Few of them are self conscious about their looks in particular type of clothing. They want to hide the belly fat, but they fail to do that. Many of them do not know how to hide belly fat.

Men and women both become conscious for hiding their belly fat. Here are some tips on hiding belly fat for men.

Hiding Abdominal Fat

Hiding Belly Fat for Men

Buying Pants

Due to lack of exercise and more intake of fat, there is increase in belly fat in men. While buying pants, choose pants that have smooth front side. Smooth front side means those which have no pleats. The pleated pants bulge outwards below the waistband. This draws attention to your belly part which gets highlighted. And while buying pants, you should take the ones which do not have higher rise.

The pants which have higher rise will create an illusion on the tummy which may make your belly portion look bulgier. Do not buy pants which have too low rise as these pants can lead your belly fat hanging over your pants. This may look unattractive and your belly part would be highlighted with the excess weight. So buy pants which fit on your tummy properly and hide those extra fat deposits.

Body Shaping Shirts

If you want to hide your belly area and make your body look in shape, then wearing the body shaping compression shirts are best. These shirts are usually designed as undershirts which are not seen. These body shaping shirts mainly cover your stomach area and chest area.

Hiding Belly Fat for Women

Women get belly fat due to various reasons. Eating wrong food, stress, poor genetics, lack of exercise and some hormonal changes due to menopause are responsible for getting belly fat in women. This visceral fat is difficult to remove and so most of the women try to hide this fat with some typical type of clothing.

Ideas to Hide Belly Fat for Women Wearing Right Underwear

This is an important tip for women having large belly fat. Wearing the right underwear is necessary to make sure that belly fat is properly covered and does not bulge outwards. Buy underwear which supports your belly area and pulls in your tummy. This will hide your tummy portion.

Black Color Wear black color clothes if you want to hide belly fat. Black color reduces belly fat appearance and makes you look thin. Lighter color highlights your extra fat deposits and will make you look fatter. Darker shades like dark brown, violet, dark purple, dark blue, etc. are also suited for the ones who want to hide belly fat.

Clothes that are of Proper Size

While buying clothes, see to it that you buy clothes that fit you properly. Do not buy clothes that are lose, as lose clothes will make you look fatter. Buying clothes that are smaller and tight fitting may again make you look fat. These clothes will make your extra fat bulge outwards like lumps which might make you look fat. So, buy clothes that are of proper size and make you feel comfortable.

High Heels

High heels can make you look smart and thin. These heels elongate your legs and will make you look attractive. The tummy fat is easily hidden by high heels.

Common Belly Fat Hiding Ideas for Men and Women

It is suggested that you must work on the posture for hiding belly fat. You should stand or sit straight, pull the stomach in and take your shoulders back for hiding belly fat. When you stand straight, your stomach will automatically get in which will make you look more confident.

How to hide belly fat is answered through this article. It is suggested to follow these ideas and tips for hiding belly fat.

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