Disadvantages of Excessive Exercising

Toning up your body and losing weight is something on which most of the people these days are focusing on. Though regular exercise maintains a good lifestyle, excessive exercising can be harmful to health as it can result to anorexia or bulimia. There are many disadvantages of excessive exercising; ignoring them can create many severe problems to the body.

Over exercising can put you at a great risk. If you don't take proper rest, then chances of stroke, slow development of muscle tissue or other heart diseases can be more. According to the research made, the athletes performing cardiovascular exercises have the problem of heart rhythm abnormalities.

Effects Excessive ExercisingExercises that you perform must be done in a limit. Jogging and cycling if not don't perform in limit can result to sever injuries in the body, resulting in severe permanent loss. Overexertion of muscles can lead to rhabdomyolysis which is usually noticed in the army recruits. Due to excessive exercise, the body intensity exceeds the capacity of recovering in short periods and the person can feel tired quickly.

Advantages of Exercising

Regular exercise can prevent the individuals from many severe diseases like high BP, diabetes, depression, stress, cancer and even insomnia. It also helps overweight people to control their weight. People with belly fat problem choose this source to get rid of visceral fat which is difficult to deal with. According to the research made, even 10 minutes of exercise can easily burn up your calories.

Disadvantages of Excessive Exercising

  • Even though you think that exercising can help you in many ways, anything you perform in excess will definitely harm your body. Chances of eating disorder also increases which can affect the body in many ways. The problems due to over exercising occur because your body doesn't get enough time to rest. This can result in strain to your ligaments with the risk of fractures and tears.
  • Excessive exercise can lead to severe disease resulting in back pain and can also cause trauma to the skeletal muscles. Suppose weight lifting with too much weight can be very harmful. It can result in lower back strain because of which you will find it difficult even to get up from the bed next morning. You can also face problems like shooting pains, muscles aches, and limited flexibility which vary in motions.
  • The chances of eating disorders like bulimia increases and eating problems can occur due to such disorders which are linked with excessive exercising.
  • Exercise must be controlled by everyone. Don't make assumptions that your body has the capacity to bare the excess weight, making you stay fit. Usually, the weight that you should use during the exercise is set by the trainer. Everybody has different tendency, for some 20 minutes of exercise will be too less to burn the calories whereas for others, even 10 minutes of exercise is more than enough. Know your body's tendency, before you perform any kind of workout.
  • Over exercising can also result in low self esteem, depression and irritation

Signs of Excessive Exercising

  • If you think that you are performing exercise for a long time and for many hours like several times a week, then you must slow down. Exercise must be fun to perform and not give you any kind of stress.
  • Another sign to know whether the individual is performing excess exercise is when there is a distance in the relationships. The only focus on which the person makes is exercise. Exercise is one such thing that cannot give the satisfying feeling and the person will think of the next workout and how to make it better.
  • One more sign is where the person has the fear of being fat and feels that the body is not getting toned and chooses different options of dieting that can result in the bulimic behavior in some people.

It is said that exercise can prevent you from many bones issues like osteoporosis, but people who already have this problem must perform their workout with great caution. Such people are more prone to spinal injuries or other major fractures that can keep them restrained on a bed for a long time. Before you select any kind of exercises, taking advice of health care professionals is a better option. Disadvantages of excessive exercising must be known along with its long term impact on the body to avoid further problems.

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