Belly Fat Hiding Summer Clothes

Several women tend to carry surplus weight abound their belly. If they wear tight garments, the situation gets worse as it draws unwanted attention to the belly fat. On the other hand, if they wear oversized clothes it creates a sloppy effect. It's extremely frustrating when various clothes you wear cannot hide the flaws in your body. For example, a huge stomach due to extreme fat deposits.

Hiding stomach Fat with Summer Clothes

At times, it becomes extremely difficult to find the type of clothing which not only hides the big belly, but also looks beautiful when worn. Given are some belly fat hiding summer clothes which could help in your decision making.

Clothes for Hiding Belly Fat

Clothes as per Body Size

Always choose those clothes which fit the size and shape of the body in order to cover the fat on your stomach. Your belly could be exposed if you wear clothing which is too small and too tight. Also, the fact that you're wearing clothes which are too loose and big would make it clear that you are trying to hide something. Thus, choose clothes which fit your body.

Wrap Dresses

This dress is ideal for hiding your belly fat. You must pick a dress with stripes, i.e. the color line to divert the attention of the people, so that they aren't able to see that you are hiding your belly.

Fit Jacket

This is one of the best belly fat hiding summer clothes. Don't wear a loose jacket as it would only make your belly look bigger. Instead, wear fit jackets that add a waist outline and streamlined shape and it's also good for summer.


Eliminating the ugly muffin top, mid rise pants or jeans sit flatly on the stomach. You can go for slacks with side zippers and buttons for less bulk. Your belly can be masterfully balanced by the pants that flare out at the bottom. Ensure of always wearing shirts and blouses which are untucked.

Appropriate Material

Your belly could be highlighted by the type of material which is too strict. Always choose clothing made from cotton, as this type of fabric accentuates the parts of the accumulated fat as it doesn't cling tightly to the body.

Empire Styles

Empire styled dresses and tops are great in hiding the belly fat. Belly fat hiding summer clothes include this pattern as the most effective one. Its secret lies in the fit. Empire style clothes give emphasis to the rib cage and removes attention from the tummy as they are designed to gather just under the bust, floating over the rest of the body. Select a dress which grazes your torso.

Banded Tops

Banded tops, which have a large edge at the bottom of the dress, are the type of clothing that is made from jersey material. This dress is well suited to cover a huge belly.

Don't wear Pants with Accent

Never wear pants or trousers which have a lot of accent or detail at the waist like a belt or bag. People would directly look into the stomach area if you wear these accessories. Choose pants that have little or no accent at all on the waist.

Jeans with Wide Cut Bottom

Try not wearing jeans with wide cut at the bottom as your body would look more broad and large by wearing these jeans. Also, if you have a large belly, then avoid wearing stretch jeans. Boot cut jeans would be more suited for your body type.

Lastly, belly fat hiding summer clothes must include those clothes, for e.g. dress, shirt, pants, etc which fit well on your body and give a good impression of you and hide a large stomach.

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