About Crunches and Sit-ups

Exercising has always been an essential part of our life; some of us do recognize this truth and some don't. Now- a- days it has become more prominent just because of the simple fact that we want to look good! Crunches and sit-ups does not help to have spot reduction of fats but does prove helpful to have physical strength and overall body fitness. Out of all other exercises crunches and sit- ups have their own existence. To know all these and more about crunches and sit- ups and their benefits of course, read on!

Why crunches and sit- ups?

Well, most these sorts of exercises are done to lose weight but, if you want to maintain your weight or just want to get a firm and fit body, you can try them out at home. They are easy to do, take less time and money. They are simple yet effective way to lose fat, especially belly fat. How? While doing crunches or sit- ups, belly gets a lot of pressure or strain due to which sweat comes out and your belly fat burns! See, how useful it is? Crunches and Sit-ups

What are Crunches?

Crunches are forms of exercises that are performed by lying your face towards the floor wherein a person is expected to bent down the knees. To begin with the exercise, shoulders have to be curled down towards the lower part of the human body. As per ones' ease, an individual can keep his/her hands just beside the neckline or can simply cross over the chest cavity. However, a person should take sufficient care while performing this exercise as chances of injury are likely to be there.

On a normal scale, crunches are performed by using exercise balls. People can also make use of weights that are supposed to be lifted and kept under the chin region in order to have the desired kind of resistance. By increasing the overall distance, leverage can be loaded on the abdominal region accordingly.

What are Sit-ups?

Sit ups are one of the most common and effective forms of exercises that are performed in order to strengthen the abdominal muscles. Besides this, performing sit ups in the most correct manner proves helpful to give adequate strength to the hip muscles as well.

To begin with sit-ups, an individual is expected to lie down on the floor facing upward. The arms and the legs are crossed just behind the knees so that the backside and the knees do not feel any sort of stress. Further, the vertebral column is elevated from the floor in such a manner that the lower body including the buts do not touch the floor. A great deal of care has to be taken so that the person performing them does not hurt himself/herself, especially at the lumbar region. Spot reduction of fats is not at all possible by means of mere sit ups. An individual requires a wise combination of abdominal muscle hypertrophy along with an effective abdominal fat loss to have an overall fat reduction at the belly region.

Differences between Crunches and Sit-ups

In crunches, a person is not supposed to lift the lower back region above the floor. While performing the sit-ups, an individual is expected to do so. Crunches proves to be a flexible and user friendly form of exercise which are performed as an effective yet isolated form of abdominal exercises which are performed by using weights.

Benefits of crunches and sit- ups

Given below are some advantages of doing crunches, sit- ups and similar workouts, have a look at them:

  1. Helps reduce belly fat
  2. Effective in maintaining weight
  3. Does not require a lot of physical strength yet very effective in deed
  4. Easy going and can be done at home without any expert help (unless and until you are in a certain health spot like pregnancy, joint pain, etc.)
  5. Flattens your stomach and improves digestion

Apart from these, there are a lot of advantages of doing such exercises which you will come to know with time eventually. Also, keep this in mind that only doing exercise won't help you completely. You also have to balance it with your diet and lifestyle.

Try and keep a low fat diet that has a high nutritional value. Control your diet and avoid over eating. Keep away from sweets or any other calorie filled food stuffs. Drink plenty of water daily. Include fiber, vitamins, nutrients and such rich food in your meals. Last but not the least, try to have more small meals rather than grabbing on to big meals at a time.

To learn the basics of crunches that is in order to learn how to perform crunches and sit-ups, assistance of a physical trainer proves helpful. Joining a gym proves to be a better option as a person can perform the actual actions involved in these exercises in a smooth manner. If it is not affordable for a person to go a gym or if there is lack of time, then a person can simply log onto internet and watch plenty of on-line videos. Following the tips and instructions mentioned therein also proves beneficial in order to perform the sit-ups and crunches in a correct manner.

These were few tips that can help you maintain a fit and healthy body. If you want to know more about crunches and sit- ups, you must consult an expert doctor who can help you get a desirable body! Good luck for a hale and hearty lifestyle!

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