Ab Exercises Using Ankle Weights

Ankle weights are a versatile piece of fitness equipment. Ankle weights are wrapped around the ankle to provide resistance during exercises. These weights can be used during any exercise regime which does not provide enough weight training.

By wearing ankle weights, a person can manage to add-up the required resistance to the ankles which proves helpful to perform the exercises in a correct manner. Some of the workouts for which ankle weights can be used are doing aerobics, running or playing a sport. With the help of ankle weights, a person can add the required strength to the feet muscles. Moreover, adding strength to the ankles and the calves which develops in due course of time also becomes possible. Ankle WeightsAb Exercises

Ankle weights

Ankle weights though typically used to strengthen the ankles, feet and the calves they can also be used to strengthen the abdominal muscles. With ankle weights you can make good amount of progress in relation to muscle speed, endurance and strength.

You can target your abs with ankle weights. These weights are helpful to add resistance to the lower body. With ankle weights you can break plateaus.

Ab exercises using ankle weights

Ab exercises using ankle weights makes the workout session much more effective and efficient.

Some Ab exercises using ankle weights

Abdominal Exercises with the Ankle Weights:

Ankle weights can also be put to use to perform different types of abdominal exercises. For example, the ankle weights can be used in order to perform high intensity workouts of the lower abdomen. With the help of ankle weights during the course of varied types of abdominal exercises, you can strengthen the muscles of the back side of your body, the shoulders, the hips, waistline and the abs. Besides this, you can perform exercises to attain flexibility, wherein hanging down to bars of certain heights does prove useful. This act can be performed on a daily basis wherein you can stay in that particular state and hold the position for few seconds.

Reverse crunches with ankle weights: For this ab exercise you have to wrap the ankle weights around your legs in a secure manner. Lie on your back. Keep your feet off the floor and your hands at the sides.

Moving from your lower body, bring your knees towards your chest. As you curl your spine towards your head lift your pelvis off the floor. Hold the position for a second and return to original position.

Tip: Try lifting your tailbone off the floor. You can use your hands to stabilize your body and later you can use your hands to provide you with light support.

Cardiovascular Training with Ankle Weights:

Ankle weights also prove helpful to perform various kinds of cardiovascular exercises. However, keep in mind that performing these kinds of exercises require utmost precision as the actions involved are somewhat dangerous. Any sort of negligence can cost the life of the person. Therefore, it is advised to make an apt use of the ankle weights. People who already suffer from pain in joints are advised to strictly stay away from the usage of ankle weights. In fact, performing the cardiovascular exercises itself has to be limited.

Leg raises with ankle weights: For this ab exercise you have to wrap the ankle weights around your legs in a secure manner. Lie on your back. Keep your hands at the sides.

Begin to lift your legs straight in the air, while keeping your knees slightly bent. Your back should be kept flat against the floor throughout the exercise.

You can perform the lower leg exercises by adding the ankle weights. At times, adding weights on the shoulders can be practiced along with adding weight to the ankles. This double resistance helps to get good results with respect to efficient weight reduction as you can easily manage to add strength to your legs. Moreover, you can improve your vertical side of the body by doing the repetitions on a regular basis.

You can perform various types of exercises, wherein actions like jumping drills, step aerobics, vertical jumps, and various types of weight training becomes possible. By doing so, it becomes possible to shed the excess calories. In between the exercises, you can take ample rest by stopping for few seconds during the course of a workout cycle.

Tip:This exercise would turn out more challenging for abs depending on how much you are able to lower your legs. Do not allow your back to arch; you can use your abs muscles to protect your back from arching.

Bicycle crunches with ankle weights: Lie on your back keeping your hips bent at about 90 degrees. Keep your hands behind your head.

Begin this ab exercise by curling your body forward like the crunch exercise. Bring your right kneed in the direction of your left elbow. Try and extend your left leg out at 45 degrees. Continue alternating from left to right, which should bring your opposite knees and elbows together. Your shoulders should be lifted off the floor.

Tip: When you keep your shoulders lifted off the floor, you would be adding more tension on your abs, which would make them work harder. Make progress with weights slowly.

While using ankle weights you would be challenging your abdominal muscles as well as adding resistance to your lower body. You can progress with your workout regime using ankle weights and see quicker results. Remember to use ankle weights with caution.

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