Yoga to Lose Belly Fat

Are you among those people who despair due to belly fat?Yoga can offer you a solution for riding the problem of belly fat. People are interested to know how to lose belly fat with yoga because yoga is increasingly becoming a major fat reduction tool. If you know the right yoga postures and the best technique to perform them, then yoga can work wonders for a flat tummy.

Belly fat is a common problem which is faced by many people. This problem is more common among people who tend to spend more time at their office desk or live a sedentary lifestyle. Dealing with this type of problem can be difficult, especially if you don't perform any physical activity. The common problem that you are likely to face from belly fat are cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, respiratory disorder, kidney problem, sleep apnea,and many more. Though this type of fat is difficult to get rid of, there are many options available. Some natural ways like exercise and healthy diet gives long term results while other ways like surgeries and fad diets increase the health risks. Yoga postures for belly fat

Belly fat also known as visceral fat is a type of abdominal obesity which needs to be reduced soon after it is noticed. It is common in both male and female. People who opt for exercise will notice positive change in their weight and health. Yoga to lose belly fat is gaining more popularity nowadays. Yoga improves the flexibility of the body and also ensures that the metabolism rate of the body increases. Yoga helps in improving the physical and emotional changes in our body. It offers relief from stress and helps in getting you good sleep. Besides, it also helps in strengthening the body muscles, improving the immunity system of the body and making the body stronger. Yoga have many advantages. If you are performing this type of exercise for the first time, ensure that you take some health trainer's advice who can guide you well in the whole process.

Yoga postures for belly fat

Yoga primarily consists of breathing exercises and a set of yoga postures or asanas. Breathing exercises in yoga consist of pranayam and kapalbhati. The various breathing postures of yoga help in contracting and expanding the abdominal muscles of the body whenever air is blown outside or sucked in. These techniques therefore strengthen the stomach muscles and also make them very flexible. Apart from this, yogic breathing exercises also help in burning more and more calories in the body as there is more oxygen available to burn them. Yogic breathing exercises are an answer to the question about how to lose belly fat with yoga.

Yoga postures for belly fatPranayama: Apart from kapalbhati, you can also practice Anuloma-Viloma Pranayam which regulates the movement of oxygen inside the body and also gives a complete abdominal exercise. Sit comfortably on the floor with your legs folded beneath. Relax and keep your spine erect. Close your eyes and close your right nostril with the right thumb pressed against the nose. Now, take a deep breath from the left nostril. Ensure that your stomach expands as the oxygen fills your lungs and stomach. Hold the breath there for sometime. Beginners can count up to seven under the breathe. Then release the breath from the right nostril after closing the left nostril with the forefinger of the right hand. Now inhale deeply from the right nostril with the forefinger of the right hand pressed on the left nostril. Repeat the entire procedure again. Beginners must practice pranayama for 40 counts, with the inhaling and exhaling as a one breathe count!

Kapalbhati: Sit on the floor with legs folded under you. Relax and keep the spine erect. Now, close your eyes and blow air out of your nose swiftly while contracting the stomach inside. Inhale deeply again and let your stomach expand as the air gets in. Now repeat this breathing technique several times for 10 minutes, as fast as possible. You will observe that your stomach contracts and expands vigorously. This technique of yogic breathing is called kapalbhati and it helps in giving a thorough work-out to the abdominal muscles.Yoga postures for belly fat

Regular practice of yoga is a very effective technique for overall weight loss and specifically losing the belly fat. Certain yoga postures help in over all increase in the basal metabolic rate that helps in increasing the digestion process in the body. Sun salutation postures or Surya namaskar help in bending the spine in almost all possible ways. It is a set of twelve exercises that are carried out together. Repeated practices of Surya namaskar help in complete fitness and marked reduction of belly fat in the body. Yoga postures help in over all improvement of the body and also are unique in targeting difficult areas of the body.

Now that you have realized the importance of yoga, ensure that you perform it on a regular basis. Early morning yoga is more effective than other exercises. Though late, you will certainly notice positive results that can help to improve the ability of the body to burn fat faster. If you have some bone injury or have met with some accident earlier, then consult your doctor before starting with such type of exercise. Along with yoga, maintaining a healthy diet which is rich in antioxidants, fiber and have less carbs and fats is advised to get effective results.

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