Losing Weight But Still Have Belly Fat

It's hard to believe, but it's a fact that you can gain fat in all the wrong places, particularly on your belly in spite of going on a diet. It seems really unfair after all your effort and willpower to lose fat. This problem could even lead you to give up dieting and trying to lose fat altogether.

Losing Weight and Fat

Most diets are based on restricting calories and the theory is that you would lose more weight if you consume less. This is not correct thinking and only hampers your plan to burn fat. In reality, you would hold on to fat and not burn it off if you restrict calories for an extended period of time.

Your body would go into survival mode which is not good for the immune system if it senses a large decrease in calorie intake. Thus, your body begins consuming lean muscle tissue as an energy source. So, this is the reason you tend to lose weight but still have belly fat.

Losing Weight and Fat

Removing Belly Fat

Many people these days, struggle to remove belly fat. As belly fat is a source of several degenerative diseases, it's important to take that extra fat off. Sadly, for burning fat, it's difficult to target the belly region. However, you can still burn the belly fat off as the body has its own system of burning the fat. You need to incorporate the following into your life to start burning belly fat.

Burn More Calories than you Eat

Reducing your calorie intake is one way to burn belly fat. When you want to burn fat and lose weight, reduced calorie diets are extremely effective. People, who don't want to give up their favorite foods, find the diet suitable. Ensure that you eat less, though it's not necessary to change the food you eat.

Remember that when you're on a reduced calorie diet, it's not necessary to starve yourself. The calories should be cut down into small amounts and as the body has its own mechanism to use the fat for working properly, you need not cut the calories to the point of starvation.

It might look simple to reduce the calories you eat, but it's not completely easy as it's not easy to keep track of the calories, each food contains. For finding out the amount of calories your favorite foods have, you need to purchase a calorie book or check online.

Exercise Regularly

You need to exercise regularly to keep your body, not necessarily in shape but in a good condition. Exercising complements with reduced calorie diet in a proper way. Exercising is important but to have the energy to actually exercise, you still need a healthy diet.

Weight training exercises build muscles and you are already burning calories while exercising. Moreover, the blood flow in the body is increased by performing exercises. Exercising would eventually help in burning your belly fat off by increasing your metabolism.

Making the Correct Choices for Food

As discussed earlier, you can burn your belly fat by eating less. However, you need to cut out empty calories if you wish to make the fat burning process more effective. You can try out some variation in your daily diet. Given are some easy changes which could help you to remove or lose belly fat.

You might be one who loves dinking soda, but you might not be aware that soda adds useless calories to your diet as it contains a lot of processed sugar. There are at least 150 calories in a can of soda and you would be consuming a large amount of unwanted calories if you consume 3 to 4 cans of soda. Thus, lessening the intake of soda or not having it for a few months would surely help you in reducing your belly fat.

You might also need to cut down on processed foods. Always bring your own lunch instead of eating fast foods while eating at your work place. Instead of eating the usual fries and burger, try incorporating meat and baked potato in its place. You would not only be cutting off the additional calories, but would also be eating healthier if you follow the simple alterations in your diet.

Burning belly fat could be really challenging at times, particularly when you won't be able to see the results each and every day. It wouldn't be possible to spot as to what exactly got reduced from the body, but you would definitely be able to remove your belly fat slowly with these changes.

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