Foods that Help to Lose Belly Fat

Belly fat is the stubborn fat surrounding the internal organs in the abdominal area and is the major cause of many diseases. That is why one of the most desired spot to lose fat from the body is belly area. There are several foods that help to lose belly fat and the best way is to include these food plans for the diet to lose belly fat. Foods cannot magically melt away the belly fat (or any other fat from the body). But if appropriate diet plan (i.e. amount of calories taken is less than calories you burn), is followed, you will eventually loose belly fat and other fat from the problem areas. If you add regular exercise while watching what you eat, you will burn more calories resulting into belly fat loss.

Foods help to reduce Fat

Foods that help to lose belly fat Changing unhealthy eating habits certainly help to lose belly fat. Following guidelines for a healthy diet plan, leads to a slimmer tummy in weeks.

No junk food: To reduce belly fat, one should throw out the junk food from the diet. Junk food is high on sugar and mostly consists of refined carbohydrates and sugars, which after consumption raise the blood sugar level quickly. That leads to reduction in fat burning and increase in appetite.

Green tea: Green tea has been known to be a miracle food and taking part in belly fat diet. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and is one of the natural food that helps to lose belly fat. Green tea contains those compounds that help to increase body's ability to burn fat. Drink at least 4 cups of green tea a day to get its benefits of fat burning.

Omega 3's and Omega 6's: Foods with Omega 3's help to raise the metabolism, flush water from the kidneys and help in burning belly fat more efficiently..

Foods with Omega 6's help in stimulating the thyroid action that help in raising the metabolism hence burning more calories and reducing the belly fat. Foods containing Omega 3's and Omega 6's are flax seeds, walnuts, flax oil, salmon, cod, tuna, sprouts, leafy greens, grape seed oil are magical diets to lose belly fat.

Fresh Fruits: There are some fruits which help in losing belly fat faster. Apples and berries contain a chemical known as pectin. This chemical is located in the cell wall of most of the fruits, mostly in apples. This chemical pectin limits the number of fat the cells can absorb. Thus, it naturally limits the fat absorption by the cells. Eat apples and berries or include them in your diet in the form of apple sauce and stay away from belly fat.

Garlic Oil: Garlic plays a major role in reducing fats from the body. Garlic helps to reduce the fat level from the body. So include garlic in your diet to shed away the fat. Garlic juice or garlic oil plays a significant role in reducing fat from the tummy area.

Whole Grain Foods: Whole grain foods help in burning fat. Oatmeal is the best source for making belly flat. Apart from oatmeal, whole wheat, brown rice, whole wheat cereals, whole grain corn, wild rice, etc. are good to burn belly fat fast.

Beans and Legumes: Burritos are the best to reduce belly fat. Black pinto beans are helpful in reducing the saturated fat level in body which is harmful. Legumes and beans are rich in vitamin B12 which helps in metabolizing fats in the body.

Green Vegetables: Green vegetables are rich in minerals, vitamins, fiber and nutrients. They not only keep your body healthy, but also help in burning calories. So it is suggested to eat green vegetables daily or include them in one of your meals.

Monounsaturated fatty acids: Scientific research shows the link between belly fat and monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA'S). These fats are highly beneficial for fat loss. Although these foods do not directly attack the belly fat, rather they make you feel full and prevent you from over eating. Foods containing this healthy fat are avocado, black and green olives, olive oil, almonds, almond butter, pine nuts, sunflower seeds etc. You can have this kind of a diet to reduce belly fat.

Foods that help to lose belly fat are in fact most readily available and economical too! So start losing belly fat by getting rid of junk food. Eat more of good protein, some amount of good fats, carbohydrates from vegetables and fruits, and lean protein. According to your metabolism include as many fat burning food to your diet as you can, that will naturally help your body to burn fat and have slimmer body with a flat belly.

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