Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

The challenge of fighting the fat around the tummy which makes a person look "pot-bellied" can be confronted in two ways: the right kind of exercise and the correct diet. If you want to reduce belly fat, then you must practice two kinds of exercises. They can be broadly divided into aerobic exercises and general abdominal workouts.

Lose belly fat with exercise

Exercises to reduce stomach Fat Abdominal exercises are very effective in reducing the belly fat. These work-outs not only tone the abdomen and increase the over all flexibility of the body but also prevent accumulation of fat around the belly. However, you must be regular in performing these exercises and have patience for the good effects to be visible.
  • Exercise 1: Lie down on your back on a flat mat on the floor. Now lift your legs and move them as if you're vigorously cycling. This exercise is fairly simple and actually firms up the weak stomach muscles in the body. Do the cycling for 5 minutes, three times each.
  • Exercise 2: Lie down on your back on a flat mat placed on the floor. Raise your legs vertically up and stay in that position for 5-15 seconds. Repeat this exercise three times.

  • Exercise 3: Lie on the floor with your legs stretching straight ahead. Now place your hands behind the head with fingers locked. Raise your upper body towards the knees, hold on for few seconds and rest back on the floor. Do this 15 times continuously and repeat this set 4-5 times.

  • Exercise 4: Lie on the floor with your legs raised and kept on a bench or a chair so that your legs are at an angle of 900 to the rest of the body. Now clasp your hands behind the head and lift the upper body as if you are attempting to touch the knees. Do this 15 times and repeat this set for 3-4 times.

If you have realized that your abdomen has grown owing to child birth and delivery, then you must practice pulling the tummy towards the spine of the body, several times in the day. This can be practices while you are sitting, standing and even while walking. Suck the breathe in and keep the abdominal muscles clenched inside. Then relax for some time and repeat the abdominal contractions several times. In the beginning you may find it difficult to keep the tummy tucked inside. But soon you will learn to make it a habit and lose all the unnecessary belly fat.

Work-outs to lose belly fat: Aerobic exercises

It must be remembered that performing only abdominal exercises and abdominal work-outs are not sufficient to flatten the belly. These exercises help in toning up the muscles and making the body flexible but are not very effective in burning all the calories. After all, losing belly fat must involve burning the fat from the body. Thus, one must perform some aerobic exercises as well. Aerobic exercises include jogging, walking, running, swimming etc must be done at least 3 times a week combined with some of the above mentioned abdominal exercises. These exercises also increase the rate at which the body burns its calories. There is a production of good fats in the blood stream which try to fight the bad fats in the body. Aerobic exercises and flexibility abdominal work-outs can work wonder for all the belly fat in your body!

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