Diseases Caused by Belly Fat

One of the most common problems throughout the world is obesity. There are several factors responsible for being overweight such as over eating, unhealthy lifestyle and lack of exercise. The most common type of obesity is belly fat or abdominal fat. It's also known as pot belly, spare tie and visceral fat. It's really difficult to lose this type of obesity.

Belly fat is common equally in men and women and it also causes several health problems along with affecting your appearance. Some of the health issues caused by belly fat are type 2 diabetes, elevated levels of triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood and high blood pressure, leading to stroke or heart disease. Several mental, physical and genetic factors are responsible for belly fat.

Belly Fat and DiseasesAbdominal fat is linked with several health problems, including heart disease and cancer. As per new research, obesity also leads to respiratory problems. Before going on to the diseases caused by belly fat, let's check out the causes of belly fat.

Diseases Due to Belly Fat

According to a study, people with normal weight, but with belly fat and heart disease have a high rate of danger of death compared to people whose fat is concentrated in other parts of the body. A muffin top or a beer belly is as important a risk factor as having extremely high blood cholesterol or smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.


Depression and obesity have a tight connection. It' believed that several times obesity i.e. belly fat is caused by depression, but it's also known that belly fat causes depression in many people. The self esteem and confidence falls dramatically when people have excess fats stored in their belly. This generally leads to depression, particularly in young children and teenagers who might face teasing in school.

Poor Complexion

Metabolism along with the levels of hormone and functioning of the organs are affected by belly fat. It can cause fatty liver disease or poor liver function, in particular. Your complexion is affected when your liver isn't functioning well and it becomes yellowed and could also cause acne. You might also suffer from skin infections due to a weakened immune system.

Sleep Disorders

A number of sleep disorders are also caused by belly fat. Sleep is extremely important for normal mental and physical functioning and poor sleep causes depression and irritability. Poor sleep also causes an individual to gain weight. Thus, you must lose your belly fat in order to get a proper sleep.

Decreased Sexual Interest

Sexual function could be severely impaired with obese people. In fact, many people with belly fat find it difficult to get pregnant. Infertility could set in when hormone levels are imbalanced. Hormones are produced by fat cells and your desire for sex would decrease as the cells slow down the hormone production.

Heart Disease

This is the major disease caused due to belly fat. Excess weight in the abdominal area could increase the cholesterol levels in the body which could lead to cardiovascular diseases or a stroke. As per a study, more than 80% people who suffer from heart diseases are overweight.

Health Risks of Belly Fat

As people age, fat tends to accumulate on the waistline, but a host of potentially deadly diseases accompany the fat such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, cancers and a group of risk factors called metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome can be considered to be a collection of factors that increase the chances of having excess abdominal fat, high blood pressure and unhealthy cholesterol levels. Waist measurement of over 40 inches for men and over 35 inches for women is known as abdominal obesity.

Belly Fat affects Breathing

Several American people were analyzed by people from a health organization for their smoking history, alcohol use, lung function, demographic function, waist circumference, BMI and other measurements of metabolic health.

It was found that individuals with surplus fat on their belly were twice as likely to have difficulty in breathing due to impaired lung function. Researchers weren't able to find the cause for this. It's quite possible that belly fat makes it difficult for the lungs to expand and take in air by restricting the diaphragm. It's also possible that the fat itself harms the lungs by causing inflammation in it.

To understand the relationship between belly fat and breathing problems, more research is required. It's possible that individuals who have breathing problems could find some respite by losing the weight around their belly. Proper exercises combining with a healthy diet targeting the belly could help the waist to narrow down and improve overall health.

From the above, one thing is sure that belly fat and diseases go hand in hand. Abdominal fat is associated with serious medical conditions which affect people's health, so try to lead a healthy lifestyle so that everything could fall in place.

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