Breathing Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Belly fat is one of the most annoying accumulation of fat in stomach region and one of the most stubborn while trying to shed. This is a health hazard as it is the cause of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, diabetes and many other diseases. While doing breathing exercises to lose belly fat, one needs to eliminate the layers of fat that are present on the top of abdominal muscles (abs). Breathing exercises to lose belly fat are gaining popularity owing to their success in this area.

Breathing Exercises Also called 'pranayama', performing breathing exercises helps an individual to regulate the overall breathing process. This in turn helps to regulate the burning of calories as controlling the process of breathing does help a person to shed the excess body weight. Besides this, a person can also manage to achieve overall health as well attain longevity. This fact is supported by most of the yoga experts and physicians across the world as performing varied kinds of yoga mudras does deliver desired kind of benefits with respect to efficient weight management. This happens when an individual performs the yoga mudras in a correct manner by regulating the general inhale and exhale of air through a well structure pattern of breathing process. However, it is essential to learn the different modes of breathing in a correct manner so that desired kinds of effects on the body can be attained as per ones liking and requirement.

Performing breathing exercises by self is not easy and does require assistance of an expert. It is in-fact a form of art that has to be performed in a delicate manner wherein caution is must. People who are keen to learn the different forms of breathing must consult a physician first so that the expert can study the actual mode of breathing of an individual and can suggest different types of breathing exercises accordingly.

How to Lose Belly Fat by Breathing Exercises

To burn belly fat, it is very important to be active. Breathing exercises give you maximum calorie and fat burn. Along with exercise you should reduce stress, eat healthy, build lean muscles and get sound sleep. Yoga is an ancient Indian exercise regime that involves certain breathing styles and exercises that help in losing belly fat fast. Most of us are not breathing properly, as we are not filling up the lungs full with the precious air they need. Breathing exercises help with weight loss, relaxation and sense of well being. Yoga involves special methods of breathing along with special body postures called 'asanas', which are very effective for a flat belly.

Breathing exercises to lose belly fat Breathing exercises of yoga can be easily done by any one without regard to age, sex and body weight.

1) Pavan Muktasan (Regulation of air)-
  • Lie down on back and take a deep breath
  • Bend left leg on the knee, catching the toes; bring it to touch the stomach.
  • At the same time lift the head to touch the bent knee. Mean while right leg should be kept straight. Breath in.
  • Count 10 and return to original position. Breathe out.
  • Repeat with other leg.
2) Bhujangasasn (The snake pose)-
  • Lie on stomach and keep hands right under shoulders.
  • Push upper body backwards using only back muscles not the hands.
  • Hold in breath for few seconds.
  • Return to original position. While breathing out.
3) Dhanurasan (The bow posture)
  • Lie down on stomach
  • While breathing in catch your ankles by bending your knees. Push outwards to make the look like a bow.
  • Pull the head back as much as it goes.
  • Keep for 10 seconds. Breathe out and release the posture.

Benefits of Breathing Exercises to Shed the Belly Fat

  • When performed in a correct manner, breathing exercises help a person to attain general health and fitness.
  • It becomes possible to rise the longevity as positive changes in the process of breathing helps to increase the life span of an individual.
  • Performing specific methods of breathing does prove useful to get rid of the excess bely fat.
  • Strengthening of abdominal muscles becomes possible as inhalation and exhalation helps to have a flattened belly.
  • Digestive system gets improved as the process of digestion gets ample amount of oxygen which is required for successful assimilation of consumed calories.

How do breathing exercises help to lose belly fat?

Oxygen is fuel for body as is food. The extra oxygen you take in during breathing exercises, cause the chemical reactions in your body to take place much faster. That leads to burn more calories than taken in. This in turn speeds up the metabolism and makes you burn more fat resulting into a flat belly.

Yoga if performed rightly can do miracles in losing belly fat and toning up the body. But these exercises should not be attempted without the guidance of any yoga master.

Performing varied kinds of breathing exercises to lose belly fat is a good alternative for the purpose of effective loss of the abdominal flab. It requires determination, correct knowledge and a disciplined mindset so that the desired kind of effect becomes achievable. At times, a person is likely to make mistakes; but with the assistance of authentic information, it is possible to get desired and better results. For this, an individual can refer to the online information or can watch on-line videos or TV shows dedicated for effective ways to shed belly fat.

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