Aerobic Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Fat present in the abdominal area (belly fat) is an unpleasant and unattractive state of body and is very dangerous to health. It is necessary to lose belly fat so to avoid the diseases. To lose belly fat by aerobic exercises one has to combine healthy diet plan along with an exercise plan. Belly fat is the stubborn fat. One has to be serious about abdominal work out to lose belly fat and should set a goal. Aerobic exercises to lose belly fat are rapidly gaining popularity. This is mainly because they prove helpful to achieve desired kind of benefits with respect to proper management of weight. However, to gain better results, it is important to perform the aerobic exercises in a correct manner. For this, it is important to gain correct information from authentic sources so that correct actions can be performed accordingly.

Aerobic workouts

Aerobic Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Aerobic exercise is any bodily activity that increases the heart rate above its resting level and enhances physical fitness and over all health of the body. Aerobic exercises burn a lot of calories and speed p the metabolism. Frequent and regular exercise boosts the immune system also. Whole body aerobic exercise is the best choice and this is the very effective way to lose any belly fat. There should be variety in the work out, as that will motivate you to go further into achieving the set goal of belly fat loss. Aerobic exercises include running, stair climbing, walking, spinning, jogging, elliptic machines, aerobic, swimming, dancing etc. All these forms of physical activities require great deal of strength and correct knowledge about the actual methods of performing them. Then only it becomes possible to shed the excess abdominal fat.

Aerobic Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

1) Cardiovascular exercises: Consistent and regular cardiovascular exercise, reduces belly fat. These are the great exercises for not only to lose belly fat but also results into whole body work out. These exercises help to burn body fat as well as strengthen heart and cardiovascular system. One hour of cardiovascular, six days a week, is very effective in losing belly fat. Walking is a great cardio. Riding, rope skipping, swimming, biking and sprinting are other cardiovascular exercises. You can perform them as per your liking, provided you get adequate time to practice them. Similarly, it is equally important to have the equipments ready. A keen and enthusiast person can purchase them from a nearby shop that deals with the selling of sports equipments. Besides, joining a health and fitness club too proves beneficial as they are well equipped with machines that are specially meant for aerobic exercises.

2) The Plank: It is the core exercise for strengthening and tightening of abdominal muscles and losing belly fat. The position is; push up pose, toes and fore arms touching the ground. Hold the pose for six counts, go down and repeat. To gain more benefit, you can perform multiple sets of the same action at frequent interval. However, care should be taken to make sure that your body doesn't get tired. So make sure that you get ample rest in between every set. For this, you can couple other forms of aerobic exercises in between.

3) Walking: Walking is a great cardio work out. Walking let all the fat in the body burn easily and specially the belly fat. A morning walk or an evening walk can be easily performed on a daily basis. You simply need to take out adequate time so that a continuous walk can be taken. On an usual scale, a 25-30 minutes walk proves helpful which when performed on regular basis does help to shed the excess calories.

4) Pilates: Pilates tone the abs muscles and is a good work out to lose belly fat. In order to perform pilates, you require specific equipments. These are somewhat expensive and can't be afforded by everyone. Still it is possible to perform varied kinds of pilates by joining a gym.

Exercise Benefits

Exercise reduces level of cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone that builds fat mainly in the abdominal (belly) region, making weight loss difficult. Besides, cortisol also causes many health problems, both mental as well as physical. A balanced diet is always indispensable while one is trying to lose belly fat as uncontrolled and imbalanced diet (rich in refined carbohydrates, saturated fats and lacking in fibers and good proteins) and sedentary life style are the major causes of belly fat. So one should avoid some food items and do regular aerobic exercises to lose belly fat and have flat, toned abs.

Tips to Perform Aerobic Exercises

  1. First of all, make up your mind towards the aerobic exercises so that you can perform them with self confidence.
  2. Secondly, it is important to acquire correct information about different kinds of aerobic exercises that does prove helpful to shed the excess abdominal fat.
  3. Try to make correct usage of all the machines as well the equipments that need to be used while performing different kinds of aerobic exercises. For this, follow the instructions suggested by the trainer sincerely.

Aerobic exercises does prove helpful to lose the excess fat around the abdomen. However, it is absolutely essential to continue the exercises with dedicated efforts. Then only, it becomes possible to maintain consistency in the achieved weight for a very long time. It is advised to have persistent efforts and discipline so that chances of rebound weight can be eliminated.

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